Come As You Are

Think of a mirror – a perfectly smooth piece of glass. When you shine a light onto a mirror, what happens? It reflects that light back to you, pretty much as it received it, right? OK, now think of a broken mirror – glass that has been shattered into thousands of pieces – what happens when you shine that same light onto all those cracks?! That one single beam of light is reflected back in a thousand different directions. It is multiplied and spread out, reaching the far corners of the room – illuminating places that a perfect mirror never could.

That is precisely how God’s love is revealed through us. Our brokenness is like the shattered glass – the fact that we are not perfect, not complete, allows Christ to use us to shine His light even brighter than He could if we were. We can speak to those who are suffering because we have suffered. We can reach out to those who are lonely because we have been lonely. We can love the lost and forsaken because we, too, have felt lost or forsaken. His “power”, His glory, His love, is made perfect in our “weakness”.

Christ does not tell us that we can only come to Him once we have figured it all out. He does not say, “Go out and get all the answers, and only then will I love you”. NO. In fact he tells us exactly the opposite. He tells us to come to Him NOW, exactly as we are. He tells us that what we are today is all we need to be right now. He tells us that we are His BELOVED – and the very fact that we exist is enough for Him.

And that fact is enough for us, too. So come. We are here waiting for you – broken, imperfect, lost, and LOVED.

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