We have arrived!!

After an early morning takeoff from Sea-Tac, a delicious lunch in Old Town Albuquerque and a beautiful 2+ hour drive through the breathtaking desert of northwestern New Mexico, we have finally arrived at the Zuni Reservation and are getting settled into our new home for the next week. Not a lot to report this evening, as we have mainly been getting aquatinted with the other missionaries here and getting ready to dive into our week tomorrow!

One thing became evident very quickly to us all – we are not in the Pacific Northwest anymore. The dry, flat landscape here is a stark contrast to the lush, hilly beauty of our home, but it has it’s own unique beauty to it as well. As we drive to the reservation, God’s handiwork was evident everywhere from the incredible cloud formation dotting the blue sky above us to the breathtaking and seemingly gravity defying rock formations that rose out of the desert floor and clung to the sides of impossibly high cliffs and plateaus. Going from the green beauty of Washington to the brown and red beauty’s of this land in one day could not be a clearer illustration of God’s never ending imagination and creativity. How great is it that He has given a world of such diversity, wonder, and awe! Today we got to experience it in the land – and we are praying that tomorrow we will begin to get to see that same beautiful diversity in the people we have been so blessed to have been brought here to serve in the coming days. We ask that you join your prayers to ours as we say goodnight and begin this amazing adventure tomorrow!!



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