God, games and LOTS of giggling!

Zuni Vacation Bible School
Lauren Olson
Today we helped at a Vacation Bible Study Camp at St. Francis. Before it started we got everything ready. We then split up into groups and went around the neighborhood to tell people about the camp. At the start I was pretty nervous. I had never gone door to door evangelizing before. We went to about five houses talking to the Zuni people. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. My favorite house was this lady named Nikki. She participates in both the Zuni culture and is Catholic. She told us about the nearest mountain, corn mountain. It was really interesting learning about their culture and their traditions. The next house was this man named Greg and he told us about the summer and winter solstice festivals. That was really interesting since we don’t have any thing like back home. Another thing that I was first nervous for but ended up working out was asking people if they felt comfortable praying with us. Three of the people we talked to wanted us to pray with them, even though some of them were not Catholic. What made me feel more comfortable was that every time we talked to someone there was someone designated to pray over the conversation and both people talking.

Matthew Gilbert
On this day we also helped with a vacation bible school for kids between the ages of 5 and 15. We planned activities for these kids that would teach them about the message of the Bible and other more active games. When the kids first arrived we had them sit down for arts and crafts. Some came in full of energy, while others arrived with skepticism. I found myself leaning towards getting the more shy kids to come out of their shells and dance to the hand motions of the worship songs we had for them. After all was said and done, I was exhausted from chasing so many little sprinting legs and lifting up so many open arms. Through each pant of my quick breaths, I realized more and more that the effort I put out to makes these kids day was completely worth it. The smiles on their faces and the laughter they exuded lifted my tired spirits.
One little girl responded to the question “why does God love you?” the best: because you’re awesome. Sometimes all the complexity of our faith isn’t necessary when a 5 year old can give a more simple and yet contrite answer to an over complicated question.




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