Weeds, wet paint and a whoops….

Sophie Burroughs
Today was a beautiful day filled with paint, sweat, tears. The day was off to a fabulous start with my favorite warm bagels and of corse morning prayer lead by our very own soon to be Franciscan Wyatt. Starting my day with a prayer is always a little taxing on the groggy brain, but it really forces you to focus on the only true remedy for weariness found through prayer. Our work for today was to paint the kitchen of St. Francis, a catholic school in Gallup, the nearby town. As you can imagine, handing paint and brushes to a bunch of teenagers will inevitably end with paint in far more places than just the walls. At the end of the day I believe someone had painted a smiley face πŸ™‚ onto my leg. But having to accomplish such a daunting task forced us to worked together. I am everyday forging friendships I will remember for a lifetime, and I thank God for the blessing it is to have these people in my life. They are my role models, my mothers, and my superheroes. I miss all of you back home and can’t wait to see your faces again! In the meantime, keep us in your prayers so that The Lord will use us as his instruments. God Bless!

Bridgette Beltran
Today has been spectacular. It’s unbelievable how many people I have met that share the same beliefs as me. Today we went to the Catholic Elementary School in Gallop and pulled 6 giant garbage bags of weeds, even though we were out there for 5 hours in the end it was completely worth it.I had an amazing time with my group (St. Patrick) I truly feel a strong bond with them and the rest of our group. Tonight we had adoration, we sang and cried and really let our lights shine out. I had not been to confession in about 5 months and I’m so sad that I waited that long because confession is one of the best feelings that I have ever experienced. I am so happy that I came on this trip, I have made amazing friendships, and gotten even closer with people I have known almost my whole life. Know that all you back at home are in my prayers and how much we all love you over here in New Mexico. God bless you all, and let your light shine out. “I won’t stop loving until God stops loving me”.

Amanda Koppes
Well, you heard about the weeds, and the wet paint – so you are probably wondering about the whoops…on the way back to Zuni this afternoon, my car hit the median and blew out a tire! Thankfully no one was injured and after a little help from a Native American angel named Willy, we had our spare on and headed to Goodyear for a new tire! A little annoying, but just another New Mexico adventure!

Thank you for all the prayers! This has been an amazing week so far and I am so blessed to be here with such an incredible group of teens!












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