Crops, culture, and crowns

Brady Lapke:
Today was an interesting day. We started out by planting trees at the church to provide shade for future visitors. We then progressed to A:shiwi Awan Museum & Heritage Center. We learned much about the Zuni culture there, including their human origin story. The similarities between it and the Christian book of Genesis is astounding. For example, they believed that humans lived inside of the earth, and had to climb up four levels to reach the surface, first of darkness and soot. Second, a land of sulfur, followed by an algae level, and lastly a land of the time before dawn.the earth for them began in darkness as did ours. They also believe in one god, the Sun Father, which makes their religion very similar to ours. From the heritage museum we went to a community farm and did various jobs. We weeded onions, created irrigation ditches, dug fence posts, and created wood beams for a future farmhouse. It really made you think about how farming used to be done before industrialization, much harder, but also much more rewarding. Later after Mass, we all celebrated Robbie’s birthday. We all did our best to make his 17th the best birthday ever. Though I miss everyone at home, I am very glad to have come on this trip. Hope everything is awesome in Seattle!
-Brady Lapke

Robbie Mechaley:
Today was an absolutely wonderful and memorable day. Not only did I have an amazing Birthday celebration, but we also had a day full of learning and manual labor! For starters we planted trees. To help beautify St. Anthony’s we were asked by the priest to plant some trees. I like that we’re taking effort to give back to the Church that we’re staying at. After that we went to the Museum and Heritage center for the Zuni people and learned much more about the people we are serving by learning their origin tales and following their timeline up to the present day. It was great getting to learn more about them so that as we help the community, it feels more personal. As soon as we finished up there, we departed for a farm where we did more manual labor by digging ditches, weeding, shaving the bark off of logs, and setting up posts for a fence. It felt great helping the farm. We got a little wet after helping get the water running. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better birthday experience! I have had a blast on this entire experience! My prayers go out to my friends and family at home!
-Robbie Mechaley








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