Tuesday Nail Painting and Connections


Kayla Arpin
Hello! YMP has been fantastic so far, and I’m sure it will be for the rest of the week. Yesterday and today we spent the day at apartment buildings where the migrant families are living. We gave lunches to the kids and played with them. It was truly amazing to see these kids and have the experience to spend the time talking to them. They painted our nails, including some of the boys too (Dylan! 🙂 ) The smiles on the kids faces when you are giving them lunch or playing with them is so beautiful. They are so excited to play and learn new things from us.They ask lots of cute questions as well! Personally for me, seeing their little faces and being able to make them smile is one of the most wonderful feelings! It has also given me (and I’m sure everyone up here) a reality check. These people have hardly anything, yet they don’t complain but make the best of what they do have. In school, church, or over the news we hear about poverty in third world countries, and as important as it is to help those people too, we have people so close to our own homes who have NOTHING. Last but not least, this morning at prayers, we prayed “HFK style”… We joined hands to cover each other weaknesses and join our strengths. I believe God has great plans in store for us over the next few days. He has already showed us so much. Pray that we may continue to see Christ in the eyes of all we encounter and be able to help them as much as possible.

Leland Sevier
YMP is a serious changer for everyone, it really shows you just how lucky we are. We have what we need and more than we could ever want. So YMP really gets to introduce you to how a majority of the world’s population lives. It takes you out of our sheltered little world of Bellevue or Kirkland or Mercer Island and gives you the opportunity to work alongside people who really NEED help or they won’t eat that day. During this week so far we have made a couple hundred of lunches and snacks for kids that would not have had them otherwise, then sorted through tons of clothes, diapers, and toys. But it hasn’t just been work, last night we all went bowling which was so much fun, we had a water fight and I was accidentally locked in a walk-in freezer. But handing the kids the lunches and seeing the joy on their faces then being able to play with them is unbelievable. Because they don’t have anyone to play with since their parents and siblings are all out working, kids as soon as they turn 12. Imagine that, you’re 12 years old and you have to work around 14 hours a day in 90 degree weather for extremely low pay just so your family can eat that day. Here we are complaining about school, only being able to have the I phone 4s instead of the 5s or not getting the newest x-box or video games. We live like royalty to them and yet we THINK that we are average but really WE are the upper class, WE live the dream that so many people wish they had. And we don’t even realize it. That’s why I decided to come back this year, last year it changed me.

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