Food Bank Day!!!

Sweating in their cotton sweatshirts, Owen and Dylan waddled out into the sea of people.image

Busting out in laughs, it seamed like they enjoyed the boys humorous act. After waking everybody up, the group settled down. Once they did Their morning pryers and thanked the cooks, they engulfed themselves with the food that had been prepared.
Once they prayed again. They got to work. Sweating and working hard, they bagged, and separated everything from clothes, to flour. After the group had everything sorted, they left to eat an amazing lunch of salad, pasta, and chicken, we went back to work, to find that Jose had gotten even more things for us to unload and sort. While they packaged, three others made a soup. They cut up meat, beans, and other veggies. However the real stress hit when the people came.  imageimageimageimage
The HFK group split up and manned different stations throughout the food bank. Some passed out food, while others would help people and get grocery carts to help the people who had to many things to carry. After the long day of hard and fulfilling work they went back to there house. Where they ate dinner and prayed once again. An exercise was implemented, and everybody benefited. The night closed of with an amazing bonfire, and a good time star tipping. Everyone, tired and pooped, went inside and wrote this very blog that you are taking the time to read, and I thank you for that! Now I will hand you over to the capable hands of Claire. And… Hi Mom!!!imageimage



Claire will post tomorrow! We have had a long and wonderful day!!! Thanks to everyone that was able to come help!!!

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