September is HERE!

…which means that WE ARE BACK!!

New pencils, new notebooks, new clothes…  football is back, apples are in season, and its almost time to wear sweatshirts and rain boots!!   It’s Fall.  And its my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!  As we kick off a new school year, we are also kicking off a new year of Life Teen and EDGE!!!  We are so excited to get things started and dive into another year of youth ministry events, nights, crazy games, small groups, retreats, and everything else that is to come!  Not to mention that we are constantly making changes/updates to this site! – check back soon for our CORE team bio’s!

We are already praying for the youth of our parish, and for everyone that is going to participate in our program over the next year.  Help us celebrate the return of Life Teen Mass on September 14th – and be sure to check out our Life Teen or EDGE events calendars for the most up to date info, but here are just a few of the exciting things in the works for this month!



EDGE Nights (6ht – 8th grade) and Life Nights (9th – 12th grade) start up on Sunday the 28th after Life Teen Mass and are open to all 6th – 12th graders.  Come and kick off the year with us as we dive into another year of fun, fellowship, and faith!  We have a CORE team that is ALREADY meeting to plan the year for you guys, and it is going to be SPECTACULAR! Come alone, or bring a friend!


Bible Study: High School Bible study starts on Wednesday Sept 24th.  You all get out early from school on Wednesdays, and we know it – so head down to St. James Espresso in Kirkland for a mid-week faith sharing!




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