Day two.

Day two we started work rotations! One group did lunch program.  One group started our food bank organization.  And one group dug up some grass for a garden, cause the farm couldn’t happen today … But all worked hard.  And the short spell of rain didn’t slow us down at all!

Hi!! This is Kayla Arpin here! Today has been amazing…and my group was just digging up grass that will be made into a garden! We worked out in the sun and laughed and talked and sang and joked. It was beautiful. We found out that Michael Dion, our parish seminarian, is a really good worker…Now you know to put him to work Fr. Nagel. 🙂 My group hadn’t got to see the migrant kids yet though but we are all really excited for sure! Tomorrow we should. God has been real good so far. Last night we met in our small groups and talked about our excitement and fears for the week. I am so happy to see all the kids responding with so much joy and enthusiasm! Our theme for the week is “We are brave” and just in the past day and a half it has shown. In my small group I saw kids come out of their shells and respond with words of happiness and love. God truly has shown through my fellow teen leads, all the adult leaders, and especially through the kids. Last night we wrote the general rules and I think every kid made at least one rule that was about loving and respecting everyone. This group is truly wonderful. Just a FYI to the parents, everyone is alive and no one has dehydration or sunstroke. Our leaders are pretty good at taking care of us. They’re wonderful. Love to everyone at home. Thanks for all your prayers and support. We love you. 🙂

“God thank you for today. Thank you for giving us another day to praise you, love you, and do all for your glory. Thank you for YMP and the amazing opportunity it is. Please keep us all safe and well. Please bless our families near and far. Come into our hearts oh Lord and fill us with gifts of love and joy that we may share it with those around us who may not have love or joy in their lives. Mama Mary keep us all in your loving embrace and wrap us in your motherly love. Amen.”

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