We Are Brave- YMP 2015

Day one is on the books!! And today three things really stuck out:

One: 27 kids and 5 adults up here is WAY different than the 12 kids and 3 adults we had last year!!! Things take longer, rooms are sweatier, and we are MUCH louder. But we also have such a greater capacity to serve this community! I am exited for what this week has in store for us in terms of service, encounter, and community. We made up group rules for the week, and the focus this year seemed to be compassion and respect for others. – totally came up with everything on their own, but I couldn’t agree more, or be more excited to serve with them this week!

Two: our parish never ceases to amaze me with the outpouring of support through donations! Packing up today might have taken longer because we had so many donations to bring up with us!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who supported us in that way! It is a joy filled thing to share our blessings with this place. Thank you also to some of our parishioners who have donated monetarily to this trip! The funds will be well used!

Three: we are SUPER BLESSED to have the adults and teen leads up here that we do! They are some of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. They are some of the holiest and humble people I know. And they are here not only to be witness to our teens about how service to others can help grow their faith, but just how to live out their faith joyfully in all that they do! I am constantly amazed at how much they find joy in our teens, and how they bring out joy in our teens as well!

junior high kids are the best! I absolutely love the moments that we see them come out of their shell. I love the times we ask them to step up, and they not only meet, but exceed our expectations!

Jesus, I pray that tonight they are sleeping. I pray that this week you blow their hearts open and you set them on fire for you. Help us adults to aid that process. And help all of us to stretch ourselves knowing that You are with us wherever we go.


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