Food Bank Day!

Today I went to the Highwater Farm with my work group to pick cilantro from 11:00 – 1:00. We had fun picking cilantro while we talked, laughed, and discussed how it’s like to do this everyday. That would be really hard to do every day! After the farm we went to the house to hang out and eat lunch. Then we all headed over to the food bank to prepare and organize it. We set up the table, so the migrants could easily pick out all the food they wanted. This happens every Wednesday. Today was special because we had a birthday party to celebrate everyone’s birthday! There was snow cones, dinner, and lots of happy faces! For the dinner we served 300 hot dogs and had 250 families come to the food bank! We loved seeing kids from the fiesta yesterday and they were happy to see us too! Bridget came today to stay with us for the end of YMP! God was definitely with us when we served all the happy families and played with all the kids. I saw god in José when he had a BIG part in running the food bank. Today two inspectors came to the food bank and the health inspector was really impressed with everything! Today was awesome! ~ Vivianna White

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