Lunch program smiles!

Hello my name is Grâce Burroughs and today my group and I went to one of the apartment complexes for the migrant workers and their families. When we first got there the tables had already been set up with the coolers full of sandwiches, cucumbers, fruit, and crackers. After about 5 minutes or so, children about 3-13 started to come and get food. Not only that, but almost all of them stayed to chat and play with us. About half way through some kids around my age showed up so I started to talk to them. After a little bit of talking we (the 3 boys, Natalia, Allie, and I) played a game of pole-to-pole soccer. Turns out I’m not very good at soccer… 😂 one of the things I loved most about going to lunches was interacting with the children. Several of them only spoke Spanish, and at first it was a struggle to communicate, but I got the hang of it by using hand motions and the few Spanish words/phrases that I knew. As for the English speaking ones, it was no struggle at all. There was this one girl who was very shy, but by the end of the day I had gotten her to warm up to me and was able to understand her for the most part (she only spoke Spanish). With all these great memories and experiences, it was sad to go and I hope that I can visit them next time I come back to YMP. -Grace Burroughs

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