Hello! My name is Gilda Enciso and this was my first YMP experience. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was definitely excited. This week has been even better than what I imagined! The people are absolutely amazing. I loved how people at the camps are so welcoming and open. They have the biggest hearts and I admire them for how hard they work. Some people spoke English but they weren’t as comfortable as speaking Spanish so I thank my dad for always pushing me to speak Spanish at home. Thanks to him I was able to speak Spanish with them. Their eyes lit up every time I would start a conversation in Spanish and it was a lovely thing to see. Everyone has changed a part of me for the good and I can’t wait to tell everyone else about this experience. Being able to “step into another person’s shoes” was great and I definitely will be returning next year as a teen lead. – Gilda Enciso

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