New Orleans Mission Trip Begins!

Well, we made it! After 6 long months of preparation, one VERY early wake up call, and 2 flights, we arrived late this afternoon at the St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans to begin our week of mission work!

Tonight we had the opportunity to meet our Catholic Mission Trips leaders and walk around the French Quarter a bit. The architecture and energy of New Orleans is amazing and we all fell in love pretty much instantly.

After dinner, we went through the logistics of the week, and found out our work assignments – we will be working at 2 different homes this week that have both been damaged by flood and fire.

2 groups – Amanda (with Michael D, Claire, Jacob and Leland) and Blair ( with Erin, Kris, Michael P, and Sophia) will be doing clean out and demolition work at the home of a man whose life savings was lost when his home was destroyed by flooding and then a fire. Our task is to get the place ready for the reconstruction to begin so that he can have a home once again.

The other group, Nick (with Cece, Garrett, Shelby and Joe) will be rebuilding a porch and roof on another home that was damaged by fire.

Each day, we hope to be able to post pictures and reflections written by our Mission Trip Teens to give you a glimpse into the journey we are on!

We are happy, blessed and exhausted, but so thankful to be here and to begin the work that God has planned for us, whatever that may be, tomorrow! Thank you for your love, support and prayers! You can follow what is happening throughout the day on our Instagram @hfk12_2min!


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