Meet the Core Team

Our Core members come in all shapes and sizes – from fresh out of high school, to steadily accumulating a nice retirement fund! They are engineers, artists, students, business men, teachers, and professionals. They like everything from sports to knitting, photography to Dr. Who – they are an energetic, diverse and amazing group of men and women who, despite everything that makes them different, share something that unites them as not just a group of volunteers, but as a true faith community that laughs, loves, prays, and leads together.

Of course, that “thing” is a passionate love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, His eternal Father, His Church – and a strong calling to lead teenagers deeper into the mystery and Truth of our Catholic faith through helping them develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

We want you to know and love them as much as we do – so scroll down to meet the 2014-2015 Core Teams for the Junior and Senior High programs – and click on thier pictures to learn more about them!

Junior High:
   jacobjon-jonImage 9-20-17 at 11.59 AMImage 9-20-17 at 11.51 AMImage 9-20-17 at 12.02 PMImage 9-20-17 at 11.53 AMASBCImage 9-20-17 at 12.12 PMImage 9-20-17 at 12.13 PM


Senior High:

Image 9-20-17 at 12.10 PMImage 9-20-17 at 12.09 PMImage 9-20-17 at 12.08 PMImage 9-20-17 at 11.57 AMImage 9-20-17 at 2.06 PMJDBlair copy

Image 9-20-17 at 2.20 PM



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