Meet the Youth Ministers

Colin Lewis: Senior High Youth Minister

Family: Amanda (wife) and Leo (son)

Why youth ministry: I can’t think of anything better than walking alongside and learning from youth as they follow Jesus’s call to adventurous discipleship.

Life goals: Love Jesus more, be more like Mary, and learn to play cricket!

Favorite food: Japanese

Favorite movies: The Mission 

Favorite books: A Tale of Two Cities & Kristin Lavransdatter (fiction) /  The Imitation of Christ, The Spirit of the Liturgy, and The Power of Silence (non-fiction)

Favorite sports: Golf (to play) / Soccer (to watch)

Favorite people: Blessed John Henry Newman, St. Louis Martin

Favorite quote: “The reason for our existence is to quench the thirst of Jesus Christ. When he asked for water, the soldier gave him vinegar to drink—but his thirst was for love, for souls, for you and me” (St. Teresa of Calcutta). 


Cathleen Ito: Junior High Youth Minister

Part ninja. Favorite color = pink-purple-sparkle-rainbow. Likes 30-minute dance parties, and everything about retreats including pies in the face. Has never met a car trip, social event, or awkward gathering of teens that she didn’t have the perfect game for.


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