Mission Statement:

The purpose of the HFK Youth Ministry is to create an environment that leads middle and high school teenagers into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.

The mission is accomplished in three ways:

Through the celebration of the Eucharist

Through the teachings of Christ and the Church

Through an experience of being loved and accepted

Teen Culture

While it is certainly exciting to be alive during this day and age, it 20140707-234019-85219009.jpgis not always easy being a teen. Today’s teens are under pressure from many difficult and complex issues and influences. Many teens are numb about life and their future, yet all of them are searching for identity. We don’t need psychology to prove this: Hollywood, the internet, and the social media all want the teen to be the consumer of their products and spend millions of dollars trying to convince them that their “latest and greatest” thing will make them who they want to be. Saint Pope John Paul II called the prevailing culture of our day the ‘Culture of Death’. HFK Youth Ministry at Holy Family Kirkland is helping to provide young people with an alternative youth culture, a culture based on Jesus Christ, His Church, and the Gospel of Life.

What Happens at HFK Youth Ministry:

TBD as restrictions lift we will be doing everything we can to connect with each other and with the person of Jesus! We are hoping to do both social, catechetical, and service events this coming program year.  We are hoping that it will include both overnight and day retreat options for building community and building faith in our lives!

New cell phone policy! 

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Holy Family Kirkland Catholic Parish Youth Ministry and Faith Formation

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