Overview of 12:2 Ministries

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the 12:2 Ministries Program is to create an environment that leads middle and high school teenagers into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and His Church.

The mission is accomplished in three ways:

Through the celebration of the Eucharist

Through the teachings of Christ and the Church

Through an experience of being loved and accepted

Teen Culture

While it is certainly exciting to be alive during this day and age, it 20140707-234019-85219009.jpgis not always easy being a teen. Today’s teens are under pressure from many difficult and complex issues and influences. Many teens are numb about life and their future, yet all of them are searching for identity. We don’t need psychology to prove this: MTV, Hollywood, the internet, and the mass media all want the teen to be the consumer of their products and spend millions of dollars trying to convince them that their “latest and greatest” thing will make them who they want to be. Saint Pope John Paul II called the pervaling culture of our day the ‘Culture of Death’. 12:2 Ministries at Holy Family Kirkland is helping to provide young people with an alternative youth culture, a culture based on Jesus Christ, His Church, and the Gospel of Life.

12:2 Ministries Background

The 12:2 Program was created in the summer of 2013 by Amanda Koppes and Josef Olsen, the senior and (then) junior high youth ministers, in direct response to the needs and desires of the parish youth and families as expressed either directly to them or through a survey that was conducted in June of 2012.

2014 Confirmation -4While youth ministry hds been thriving at Holy Family for years, Amanda and Josef felt called to lead the ministry in a new direction in order to reach out to a greater number of parish teens with a diverse program that would truly allow each teen in and out of the parish the chance to encounter the transforming love of Christ in their lives in a way that makes sense for them.

Everything we do is Eucharist centered and we find our inspiration in the Scriptures and in living a life of faith. While we have expanded our offereings, the core of our program remains the same and continues to be grounded in celebrating the Holy Mass on Sunday nights, followed by a Life Night (high school) or Edge Night (junior high), based on the Life Teen program.

The LIFE TEEN program is a Catholic youth ministry program founded in 1985 at St. Timothy’s Catholic Community in Mesa, Arizona. The program grew to such popularity that it was marketed and is now duplicated in over 1000 parishes across the world. Holy Family Kirkland adopted the LIFE TEEN model 15 years ago and has seen tremendous stability and growth in recent years in the program.

The LIFE TEEN program centers around the Sunday evening 5:00PM Mass, geared to teens, young adults and their families. Following the Mass, high school teens meet in the Parish Center for a LIFE Night, and the junior high teens meet in the cafeteria, each for a youth group night with fellow students that helps them grow in their Catholic faith.

12:2 Ministries Staffing

The 12:2 Ministries senior high program is overseen by our Sr. High Youth Minister, Amanda Koppes, and the 12:2 Ministries Junior High program is overseen by our Jr. High Youth Minister, Cathleen Ito. Both programs are run under the supervision of our Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation, Claudia Petursson, and our Pastor, Father Kurt Nagel.IMG_0238

Assisting the youth ministers are the Core Teams, a group of adults who help bring teens into the programs and plan the Life Nights and other events. Each Core member, acting in a volunteer capacity, has been interviewed, trained and evaluated by the youth minister to be a worthy representative of the Church to our teens. In addition, they have all passed a background check and completed the Called to Protect training as mandated by the Archdiocese of Seattle. They spend many hours of service to help young people know the value of Jesus and His Church.

What Happens at 12:2 Ministries

The 12:2 Ministries program at Holy Family Kirkland is wonderfully diverse – offeing everything from hiking to Bible Studies to dinner discussion groups to retreats, and of course Life and Edge Nights.

IMG_5143The Life Teen and Edge components are divided up into 4-month ‘semesters’, each based on a different catechetical theme. Every semester interweaves educational meetings, specific issue nights and social events, such as retreats or a game night.

The Sunday night Life and Edge Nights are evangelistic, helping every teen, no matter where they are at in their faith, to deepen their love for Christ. Meetings are open to both Catholic and non-Catholic teens. The meetings are creative, fast-flowing and are designed to engage the teens in a fun and exciting way so that they will be talking to their friends about the fun they had at LIFE TEEN. All the meetings are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, in unity with our Holy Father, Francis, our Bishop, Peter, and our Pastor.

We are constantly evaluating, adding and improving our programming to meet the needs of the teens we love and serve joyfully. We welcome all feedback, suggestions, and ideas! Please do not hesistate to contact us – just click the “Contact” tab under the “About” menu! We would love to hear from you! And be sure to check out the Events Calendars – under the Junior and Senior High sections, respectively – for the latest events, activites, and retreats!



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