Who Can Be A Sponsor?

This information comes directly from the Seattle Archdiocese Website:

CF 18. The sponsor must be a fully initiated Catholic, having been baptized,
confirmed, and received theirfirst Eucharist, who leads a life in keeping with the role to be taken on (see CIC, c. 874 §1, 1º-5º). The full initiation of the sponsor is to be verified.

CF 19. The sponsor is to be at least 16 years of age and sufficiently mature for the role.

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CF 20. The sponsor must be free to celebrate the sacraments and not bound by any canonical penalty.

CF 21. A parent or legal guardian may not serve as sponsor for his/her child.

It is generally not advisable for a spouse, fiancée, boyfriend, or girlfriend, to serve as sponsor.

CF 22. If the sponsor is unable to participate in the celebration of confirmation, a proxy may be designated.

The proxy must fulfill the same requirements as the sponsor. The absence of the sponsor during the celebration of confirmation does not invalidate the sacrament (see CIC, c. 892).

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